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Are you…

Worried about your health and how that will impact your chances of conceiving?

Struggling to conceive naturally and searching for an alternative to IVF and fertility drugs?

The doctors at the Upper Cervical Chiropractic Group have designed their Innate Babies program to help couples build their preconception health and conceive naturally. Learn more about this special program at www.innatebabies.com

Prenatal and Postpartum Parents

Are you…

Dreaming of a healthy and pain-free pregnancy?

Hoping to have a “natural” birth?

Wondering how you will fill your role as a birth partner?

Struggling with lingering pain from a stressful pregnancy and delivery?

Trying to figure out how to best transition into the role of new parent?

At the Upper Cervical Chiropractic Group, our team is committed to helping women realize their pregnancy dreams and birth missions. Taking steps to improve your prenatal health is an important part of growing a healthy baby. After delivery, healing in the postpartum can be challenging, which is why our doctors take great care in working with women in that transition. We also recognize the need for support for the health and transition of the birth partner in their role as a new parent.

Pediatrics: Newborns to Teenagers

Are your kids…

Struggling from strain during birth?

Suffering from reflux? Ear infections? Colic? Allergies? Asthma?

Having difficulties with sensory processing?

Experiencing stress and pain from their busy schedules?

Our team realizes the importance of assessing spinal health as early as possible to help promote optimal nervous system function. Cementing healthy habits early allows our children to grow and develop to their highest potential.


Is your family…

Overwhelmed as a unit because of the health of one of your own?

Wanting to support your bodies to combat life’s stressors?

Looking to implement health strategies to create optimal wellness?

Family wellness is a passion of the entire team at the Upper Cervical Chiropractic Group. We love working with families to help them not only feel better but to experience life to its fullest!


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