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Chiropractic care is focused on restoring proper alignment and motion to the spine. The doctors at the Upper Cervical Chiropractic Group utilize the NUCCA technique to help make this correction. NUCCA care reduces irritation to the brainstem and nervous system to allow for optimal body functioning. Because of the specificity of this technique, each adjustment is gentle and highly individualized. Learn more about NUCCA.

In specific populations, other techniques may be utilized. Dr. Jake and Dr. Lauren are both Webster certified. The Webster technique is a specific protocol designed to restore proper alignment to the pelvis and function of the uterine ligaments. This can be very important during the perinatal period and for pelvic floor health. Learn more about the Webster technique.


In our office, a properly aligned spine is the base for optimal health. Once steps have been taken to restore your spinal alignment, our doctors will begin to coach you on other aspects of health and wellness.

Appropriate exercises can help remodel and rebuild supporting soft tissue that can help you maintain spinal alignment.

A properly aligned spine keeps the nervous system working optimally to control and coordinate your body’s functions but it is also important that all “parts” are of good quality. Proper nutrition can help decrease inflammation and nourish the body for optimal function.

Along with a healthy body, a healthy mind is equally important for optimal wellness. Cultivating the right mindset is another health building tool our doctors will help you with.

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