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4 Best Uses Of Coconut Oil To Improve Your Health

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4 Best Uses Of Coconut Oil To Improve Your Health

The health benefits of coconut oil are becoming more and more evident. To make sure that you’re getting the most from your coconut oil use be sure to utilize virgin/unrefined organic coconut oil that’s packaged in a glass container. There are many health benefits to using coconut oil, use this list to get you started!


Although it’s long been touted that vegetable oils are better fats for consumption, more recent research suggests that saturated fats, like coconut oil, are healthier. Coconut oil in particular contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA). The MCFA compared to long-chain fatty acids (LCFA) are more easily digested by the body and can be used for energy production much more readily. Another important property of coconut oil is its high level of stability. It is much better at resisting oxidation compared to vegetable oils. This is important in preventing free radicals that can lead to inflammation.

Personal Care Product

Many personal care products on the shelves contain harmful chemicals like parabens and fragrances that can interfere with normal body function. Long term safety has not been evaluated in almost all of these chemicals. Even though some companies are looking for more ”natural” alternatives they are only reducing not eliminating the risks. Coconut oil, on its own, can easily replace some of these products. For example:

make-up remover

facial moisturizer

body lotion

lip balm

shaving cream

hair conditioning mask

Not only do you avoid unnecessary toxins with using coconut oil but the naturally occurring compounds in coconut oil can help improve skin and hair health.

Oil Pulling

If you’re unfamiliar with the term oil pulling, it refers to the act of swishing oil in your mouth (like when using mouthwash). It has been used as an Ayurvedic oral health remedy for thousands of years. All you need to do is place a tablespoon of oil, like coconut oil, in your mouth and swish around for 20 minutes. The goal of oil pulling is to eliminate the harmful bacteria in your mouth that leads to plaque buildup. Other benefits of oil pulling that have been reported include: whiter teeth, better breath, decrease jaw pain, stronger teeth, and gingivitis prevention. Once you’re done pulling make sure to spit out the oil into the trash as it can clog drains.

Wound Healing

Besides being a good replacement for shaving cream because of the lack of toxins, coconut oil can also help heal wounds like the small cuts that can occur with shaving. Its amazing wound healing potential comes from its naturally occurring compounds. These compounds are antibacterial which can help prevent infection. They can also help improve collagen production which helps repair damaged tissue.


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Lauren Dodds, D.C.
Lauren Dodds, D.C.
Dr. Lauren Dodds is a NUCCA chiropractor and owner at the Upper Cervical Chiropractic Group in Alexandria, VA. She gets to practice with her husband and business partner, Dr. Jake. Lauren has been working towards living and promoting the chiropractic lifestyle since a sports injury as a high school freshman left her sidelined from life. While trying to get healthy again, she has experienced many health care approaches and techniques. But since receiving upper cervical chiropractic care herself and realizing the potential of true health, she has been dedicated to providing a better health care to her community in the form of NUCCA chiropractic. When not taking care of people, Lauren enjoys cooking and baking, exploring new places in the DMV, and relaxing by the water with a good book. Connect with her and the Upper Cervical Chiropractic Group by using the social buttons below!
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