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Three Tips For Better Hydration

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Three Tips For Better Hydration

It has been hot out there! Increased temperatures lead to increased sweating, making replacing those lost fluids much more critical. Dehydration can be a cause of many health concerns including headaches, fatigue, dizziness, constipation, and low blood pressure. And although 8 glasses of water may have been the standard in the past, the Institute of Medicine currently recommends 10-13 glasses (80-100 fl oz) of water daily, especially if you’re exercising heavily or drinking a lot of caffeine. Getting enough water is crucial in maintaining normal body function but for some reason drinking enough water is a challenge for most. How many glasses are you drinking? Check out the easy tips below to help you get the hydration you need.

  1. Glass Containers

BPA is an ingredient found in many plastic water bottles. BPA has been shown to be a hormone disruptor that can interfere with your health. The chemical can seep into your water while sitting in plastic bottles, especially when heated like when sitting in a hot car. Although many re-usable plastic water bottles are making the switch to BPA free materials, plastic still contains other chemicals whose long term safety has yet to be established. This makes glass the optimal choice to carry your water in! New models include heavy duty glass with silicon sleeves to protect the glass. This helps keep your water cleaner and I think, taste better – making it much easier to drink!

  1. Fruit Infusions

Many people have trouble drinking water because it doesn’t taste like much. Adding water enhancers like MiO or similar products can make the water taste better but it adds additional chemicals and artificial sweeteners that can have harmful effects on your health. A better option is too add real, organic fruit in your water. Citrus slices like lemon, lime, and oranges taste great and naturally add vitamin C to your water. This is the real vitamin water! You can take it a step above and purchase a water fruit infuser like this one from Takeya or just place your favorite fruit combo in water and let sit overnight. By morning that delicious fruit will have added natural flavor to your water. Also by pre-making multiple containers of water (like 10-13 glasses worth), you’ll more easily know that you got in your water needs for that day!

  1. Himalayan Sea Salt

You may be one of those people who drink and drink but never feel hydrated. Have you tried salting your water? Contrary to what common sense may be telling you, adding the right salt to your water increases your body’s ability to maintain hydration levels. But what is the right salt? (Hint: It’s not table salt) Certain sea salts like Himalayan Sea Salt are unprocessed and still contain the naturally occurring minerals that help support optimal body function. Adding a pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt provides your body with those minerals helping you to hydrate better.


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Lauren Dodds, D.C.
Lauren Dodds, D.C.
Dr. Lauren Dodds is a NUCCA chiropractor and owner at the Upper Cervical Chiropractic Group in Alexandria, VA. She gets to practice with her husband and business partner, Dr. Jake. Lauren has been working towards living and promoting the chiropractic lifestyle since a sports injury as a high school freshman left her sidelined from life. While trying to get healthy again, she has experienced many health care approaches and techniques. But since receiving upper cervical chiropractic care herself and realizing the potential of true health, she has been dedicated to providing a better health care to her community in the form of NUCCA chiropractic. When not taking care of people, Lauren enjoys cooking and baking, exploring new places in the DMV, and relaxing by the water with a good book. Connect with her and the Upper Cervical Chiropractic Group by using the social buttons below!
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