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The Nutritional Secret to Male Fertility Alexandria, VA Chiropractor

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The Nutritional Secret to Male Fertility Alexandria, VA Chiropractor

With infertility rates skyrocketing many women have sought help regarding their fertility.  But what about their counterparts?  For many couples who are unable to conceive naturally, the male has low sperm count or other fertility issues present.

Like any other health issue, if you are looking for long term sustainable solutions there is no silver bullet, magic wand, or pixie dust to get you out of a jam.  Our sexual health is prone to expressing symptoms because it is ultra-dependent on our nervous system, gut health, immune system, and hormone-endocrine system working like a fine tuned car with each piece supporting the other.  Before anything else is discussed, getting the foundational building blocks in place has to be the staring point.  Eating right, sleeping right, having an aligned spine and proper breathing/exercise need to have established habits that show up consistently.  It takes 2 months of being in the right environment before male sperm is able to flip its composition and get to a better state.

When you are talking about male fertility from a pure logistical perspective, sperm quality is the majority of the conversation.  The attributes that are qualified are sperm count, motility, morphology, and pH.  A sperm count of 20 million per ml is considered a baseline, anything lower is considered too low.  Motility is the speed gun, how fast do they swim.  Morphology is the structure – what’s the shape like and are the fit for the long journey.  The pH of the semen should be a neutral 7 for the male, alterations effect the chemistry needed for things to go without a hitch.

Once habits have been set, you have learned more about male fertility than you probably cared to – you are now ready for the nutritional secret that only a select few are taking advantage of.  It is called Blackseed oil and it is a pure extraction taken from the cumin seed (the spice that makes chili taste good).  This mysterious wonder of nature has been used for centuries for a large spectrum of symptoms across the human condition.  Before you throw this into a basket with snake oil consider the following study.  34 men with infertility defined by low sperm count, poor motility and mobility, and pH outside of the normal range were compared to a control group in a double blind placebo controlled study.  The difference between the groups was one took Blackseed oil and the other took a placebo.  At the end of the trial, the Blackseed group showed improvements in fertility markers across the board in contrast to the control group.

I am not saying this is the cure to male infertility.  I am saying that when you are engaging in a conversation as important as fertility to a couple looking to bring new life into this world – bringing as much positive firepower to the table makes sense to me.  There are so many great things to do to improve your health and improve your fertility which do not involve synthetic short term fixes and Blackseed oil can be a great tool for your tool belt.



Jake Dodds
Jake Dodds
Dr. Jake is an upper cervical chiropractor in Alexandria, VA. His burning desire is to bring more health into the world, particularly as it relates to men in the family setting. He enjoys guitar, soccer, Calvin and Hobbes, and hanging out with his family.
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