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NUCCA chiropractic has been effectively used to help eliminate pain and discomfort for many patients. But before any care is provided to you, your doctor will perform an initial consultation and examination. The priority of this first visit is to determine if you have a problem that we may be able to help you with. The doctor will go over the findings and explain what they see as the problem. Once it is determined that NUCCA chiropractic care may be able to help you, specific digital x-rays of the head and neck will be taken to determine exactly how the doctor needs to take care of you. This helps to ensure the best results in the least amount of time. Because of the time needed to effectively review your x-rays, a second visit is required before the doctor is able to perform your first adjustment.

At the second visit in the office, the doctor will have had the opportunity to thoroughly analyze your x-rays.  The doctor will review the x-rays with you, letting you know about the state of your spinal health and the best course of care moving forward.  Your first adjustment will then be performed which is as gentle as having your pulse taken. Although you will feel only a slight pressure behind the ear while being adjusted, there is adequate force to affect the neck. Using the first vertebra and the weight of the head as an advantage, the doctor will line up their own body on a calculated angle to ensure the adjustment is specific to your misalignment. The force generated by the doctor is transferred in such a precise fashion that many people are surprised by the lightness and effectiveness of the procedure.

Immediately following the adjustment, your posture will be re-assessed. Postural evaluations are done in front of a mirror so the improvements will be visible as well as measurable. After postural improvement is measured, digital x-rays will be taken to view exactly how the relationship between the head and neck has changed. If the right changes are measured, this will be the end of the appointment. If your changes do not follow the expected norm, than a second adjustment will be performed to further reduce the misalignment.


As we restore the balance to the body and spine, symptoms tend to improve. We are starting the shift from pain and dis-ease towards health. After your first adjustment, your doctor will have you return for follow-up visits to re-evaluate your spinal alignment. At those appointments your posture will be checked to determine whether or not you are holding your alignment and an adjustment will be delivered only as needed. Important tips will also be discussed to avoid stressing your spine outside of the office.

As your body starts healing, it is better able to maintain proper alignment on it’s own, requiring less treatment. We recognize that the benefit of care is not the adjustment itself, but rather maintaining spinal alignment to allow for the body to heal. Healing leads to strength and is a key factor in shifting your momentum towards optimal health.


In our office, a properly aligned spine is the base for optimal health. Once steps have been taken to restore your spinal alignment, your doctor will begin to counsel you on other aspects of health and wellness.

Appropriate stretches and exercises can help remodel supporting soft tissue that can help you maintain spinal alignment.

A properly aligned spine keeps the nervous system working optimally to control and coordinate your body’s functions but it is also important that all “parts” are of good quality. Proper nutrition can help decrease inflammation and nourish the body for optimal function.

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