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Changing Your Birth Context for Dads in Alexandria VA

Hello Everyone,

This is officially blog number 2 and I want to address what I believe to be the biggest challenge in the birthing process for dads supporting their partners.  The issue is the context of pregnancy and the birthing process itself.  Context is a funny thing, it is absolutely critical in understanding a situation and often times it is handed to us without us really thinking it through ourselves.  Pregnancy and birth is a perfect example.  The context that was handed to me my entire life was that pregnancy and birth are very scary and dangerous to the mother and the baby.  That mom and baby are a medical abnormality and need to be watched and treated as if a disease is present.  Also, that it is absolutely critical that a licensed medical professional control every single step along the way because there are so many things that can go wrong.  As for the birthing process, I learned it has to be done in the hospital because it would be reckless and dangerous to do anywhere else.

Fast forward over 2 decades to the best news of my life, me and my wife are pregnant!  Okay, so I followed everything I had been taught…right?  Nope!  You may ask yourself, “why?”  “Didn’t you care about your wife and baby?”  “Weren’t you concerned for their health?”  “Why wouldn’t you use the best tools and technology possible to ensure the best possible outcome?”

All great questions – the answer is that I learned a lot through the years that changed my context before my wife ever got pregnant.  For example, did you know that for infant mortality rates worldwide, the United States of America comes in 52nd place?  Do you know that the United States of America has the highest C-section rate on the planet?  Did you know that laying down on your back to give birth reduces the pelvic outlet (where the baby comes through) by 25% compared to a squatting position.  Did you know that women can give birth in a squatting position?  Where was this information while I was forming my context?

The information that I was learning continued to contrast the original context that I had been handed and as a result a new context formed.  Here is what I learned: birthing is a natural part of the human experience that has been occurring without intervention for thousands of years.  It is not a medical abnormality. It is a process that is as innate and functional as breathing.  Pregnancy is a time when the mother and baby are growing together physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  The birthing process itself is a welcoming of a new life into the world.  It is an extremely important experience for the baby to determine what kind of world they are coming into.

With a new context comes different thoughts and different actions.  I am going to encourage you to take a step back and decide for yourself what your context is.  Too often we take whatever the prevailing thought is or whatever is handed to us as kids.  We live in a time in history where information is more accessible then ever before and like-minded people can be reached in an instant.  We are only bound by what we decide for ourselves and there is no more important time in life to think for ourselves then when preparing for the birth of a baby.





Jake Dodds
Jake Dodds
Dr. Jake is an upper cervical chiropractor in Alexandria, VA. His burning desire is to bring more health into the world, particularly as it relates to men in the family setting. He enjoys guitar, soccer, Calvin and Hobbes, and hanging out with his family.
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